Born another beautiful day of sunshine, but this is no news in Canoa Quebrada...
Posada hotel falesia en Canoa Quebrada
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Aruana Inn - Canoa Quebrada - Brazil
Hotel Pousada - Canoa Quebrada
Bed and Breakfast - Canoa Quebrada - BRazil
Hotel Canoa Quebrada - Brazil
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Arquiteto Canoa Quebrada
Pousada Araxá - Jeri - Brasil

The IV "CurtaCanoa" Short Film Canoa

A Latin American film festival in Canoa Quebrada, which is truly a  watercolor of nature, cosmopolitan, exhuberant, hospitable, and undoubtably one of the pearls of Brazil. This old fishing village, discovered and made popular by the hippies in the 60´s and 70´s and also by tourists from other regions, Canoa Quebrada is today the scene of the most beautiful film festival in Brazil. In it´s fourth presentation, Shorts Films Canoa comes to mark it´s place on the beach and presents with it´s perspective and technical revelation, language and mainly it´s originality, the power of our Latin American identity on the big screen. Film shorts are considered a cinemagraphic pill where small doses of cinema are offered as the most simple and direct form to show this (seventh)?? Art form. In this way, Film Shorts Canoa exhibits during an entire week film shorts in vídeo and film, entirely free to the general public. The IV Short Film Canoa is produced by J.A. Lima, SEBRAE- CEARA, The Aracati City Council, SETUR, with support of the Rouanet Law and the State Law of Culture. The Short Film Canoa 2008 will take place from Nobember 15 until Nobember 20.

Ceara will open up an airport en the area of Canoa Quebrada

Ceara will begin to open procedures to enlarge an airport in Aracati, one of the most important cities of the Canoa Quebrada region. According to Bismarck Maia, secretary of tourism in Ceara, 600 meteres of runway will be added. The existing 1200 meteres will become 1800.“We want more and more to contribute to the possibility that this region can have a new option of arrival for tourists and also decongest the flow of tourists from Fortaleza”, states Maia. The proposal will be signed at the close of the year. The sum of 14 million has been invested for the enlargement of the airport.

New Control in the Fortaleza airport

It is very important for the tourist, when arriving to Brazil, to show that their objective is for a vacation. At this moment, it is very helpful to present an address and telephone number of where one is planning to stay.


Translation: Richard Warner

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